En kveld med Attenborough – Episode 2!

BFU inviterer til andre episode i serien Life!


Om kveldens episode;
“Reptiles and amphibians.
In the opening sequence, an aerial camera zooms in on a solitary Komodo dragon from afar. This, states Attenborough, is the last place on Earth still ruled by reptiles. Though they may seem primitive, reptiles and amphibians still thrive thanks to diverse survival strategies. In Venezuela, a pebble toad evades a tarantula by free-falling down a steep rock face. The basilisk, nicknamed the Jesus Christ lizard, can literally run on water and the Brazilian pygmy gecko is so light it does not break the surface.”

Les mer her; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_%28BBC_TV_series%29#2._.22Reptiles_and_Amphibians.22

Hvor? Aud 4, Realfagsbygget
Når? 1615!

Håper å se akkurat DEG der! 🙂

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