En kveld med Attenborough – Episode 3

BFU inviterer til tredje episode i serien Life!


Om kveldens episode:

Intelligence, warm blood and strong family bonds have made mammals the most successful group of animals on the planet: they can even survive the Antarctic winter. Here, a Weddell seal leads her pup on its first swim beneath the ice. In East Africa, a rufous sengi uses a mental map of the pathways it has cleared to outwit a chasing lizard. A young aye-aye takes four years to learn how to find and extract beetle grubs, food no other mammal can reach. Reindeer move through the Arctic tundra, making the longest overland migration of any animal….

Les mer om serien her!

Hvor? Aud 4, Realfagsbygget
Når? Torsdag 18 mars, 1615!

Håper å se akkurat DEG der! 🙂

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