Parasites, Biodiversity and Marine Organisms

BFU invites you to a presentation Parasites, Biodiversity and Marine Organisms: Sticklebacks, sea cucumbers and crabs with Glenn Bristow.

When: 9th of may, 6pm
Where: K1/K2, Bioblokk A, Thormøhlensgate 53A
What: Presentation about Parasites and a documentary from the BBC Horizon.

Parasitism is the world’s most successful life style. I would like to
present to you three sets of marine hosts organisms with some of their
parasites and demonstrate how a number of parasite-host systems are
parts of ongoing research programs in evolution, ecology, population
dynamics, immunology, environmental monitoring, and, more. We will
explore why they are such good models and what are some of the
drawbacks as well as the fun of finding new parasites in exotic
places, from North Atlantic deep sea vents to Vietnamese coral reefs

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